Food Craving Vanilla #1 energy ~ Food Craving


I thought if Lavender can help with sleep and Rosemary can help with memory why can't Essential Oils help with weight loss.
I did a lot of research before deciding on these Essential Oils blends. By inhaling Essential Oils throughout the day can help with food Craving, also gives you more energy.
Our Blends are in roll-ball aromatherapy bottle, we have two blends, Food Craving 1 and Food Craving 2. Food Craving 1 has a hint of Vanilla, helps with your sweets tooth. Food Craving 2 has the scent of orange.
Studies have shown that along with a healthy diet, exercising and a lot of water along with Essential Oils can help with weight loss,
If you can change up your Essential Oils every couple of days or so your brain doesn't get used to the scents.
I have diluted these Oil Blends with Fractioned Coconut oil to help with any skin sensitivity.
Roll-on a small amount of oil to your outside wrists, if all is will used it on inside wrists ,neck,feet and inhale aromas, Take long slow deep breaths, used when needed.


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